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Visualizing Kinect Images

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10 Nov 2016

I got an XBox 360 Kinect last summer, and I spent a week coding up a small program to visualize the 3D image output in C++. I used the VTK library to represent the data as a point cloud.

The odd pink-red colour that you see is from a simple shader I was experimenting with. At that point I was getting to know OpenGL and GLSL.

Along with rotation of the image, I also implemented some simple cropping features.

The Kinect for the XBox 360 is not as good as the newer version. The resolution and the frame rate is low, but it provides a cheap and simple motion capture system that isn’t too bad to experiment with.

In the future, I may extend this project to be able export the 3D images and use them in a Unity game, or something of the sort.

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